The future of applied machine learning is codeless.

Reduce R&D cost and leverage industry standard open-sourced algorithms
to gain insights and reduce feature time to market.

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Visually develop and deploy machine learning models

ioModel will do for artificial intelligence what the spreadsheet did for general computing.

Lower development costs

With no code or infrastructure to manage, your team can focus on the business.

Shorter development iterations

Move faster with less effort and RESTful model integration.

Build on your existing talent

ioModel can be used by Engineers, Analysts, Data Scientists, and Product Owners.

Built on Open Source

Leverage classifiers and predictive models

ioModel is built on open source technology with Python and Flask. We use best in class, established algorithms to ensure that your results are repeatable and valid. Our algorithms include support vector machine, logistic regression, boosted decesion trees, random forest, gradient boosted trees, and deep neural netowrks.

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